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Why Def Leppard's Pyromania is a Groundbreaking Rock Album According to Richard Ficarelli

Richard "Ricky" Ficarelli is known for being an Independent Drummer and Social Media Influencer. We recently chatted about our opinions on what makes a record groundbreaking. Ricky's top choice was Def Leppard's Pyromania album and he provided Rock solid reasons for this choice.

Pyromania is the band's best-written album. The scorching songs, including "Photograph," made it well-suited for topping charts from the start. With one hit after another, Def Leppard was reaching their zenith audience.

The Pyromania album reached the number 2 spot on the Top 40 list, with its 3 biggest singles all reaching the Top 40.

More importantly though, the record has left a long-lasting impression on fans for generations to come.

Synths and rich-hook choruses began to appear all across bands in the mid 1980s. Of course, very few bands have done it as well as Leppard did with Pyromania and the sequel, Hysteria, in 1987. They didn't anticipate it at the time, but Def Leppard revolutionized music both in terms of style and sound.

Those, like Ricky, that appreciate great music, are also carrying on the legacy of Def Leppard. Through his platform as a drummer and Social Media Influencer, Ricky has brought a love for the godfathers of Rock to a new generation.

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